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The NAPEX Sale

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Lots 1014—1015

Transcontinental Covers

  • Lot 1014

    (Butterfield Overland Mail) "Overland via St. Louis", manuscript endorsement on circa 1859 buff cover bearing 1¢ blue (24) , pos. 1R8, and 3¢ dull red, type I (25) strip of three , pos. 2-4R4, each canceled and 1¢ tied by circular grid cancels, matching bold "Los Angeles Cal. Feb 13" cds to New York City; some small edge edge tears and wear, F.-V.F. and scarce use, ex-Harry Spring .

    Estimate  ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  $300 - 400.

    Realized: $550

  • Lot 1015

    (Butterfield Overland Mail) "Overland via Los Angeles", manuscript endorsement on buff cover bearing 10¢ green (32) tied by "Sacramento Cal. Oct 5, 1858" cds to Carthage, Maine; some edge wear, reduced slightly at right, F.-V.F. and early Butterfield Overland Mail use.

    Estimate  ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  $200 - 300.

    The first U.S. overland mail contract connecting San Francisco to the Mississippi River cities was made with the Overland Mail Company as contractor. The "Southern" route name quickly became synonymous with the Company president, John Butterfield. This was a biweekly service (later more frequently between Los Angeles and San Francisco) in operation from September 16, 1858 through March 1861, when because of the impending Civil War, Congress determined to move the overland mail route north to the Central Overland Route.

    Realized: $240