Extraordinary item in the finest condition.

Extremely Fine

Outstanding and exceptional quality.

Very Fine

Choice, first-class condition.

Fine-Very Fine (F-VF)

Stamp or cover in sound condition. If a stamp, it is slightly less well-centered than Very Fine but better centered than Fine.


Sound in all respects. Perforated stamps will have the designs clear of the perforations; the designs of imperforate stamps will not be cut in to any significant degree.

Very Good (VG)

Imperfect centering (stamps) or poor general appearance.

Any stamp faults such as a thin spot, tear, crease etc., will be described at all times. In such cases, the grade will generally have the word "appearance" added.

Postally used covers should be expected to have the normal degree of wear associated with them including minor nicks, short edge tears, flap tears and slight reduction at one side. These are normal conditions for 19th century envelopes and not grounds for return. Folded letters should be expected to have at least one file fold.

In lots containing several items, degrees of condition denote the overwhelming average and examples above and below such condition can be expected.