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Lots 1433—1439

Blockade Covers

  • Lot 1433

    1862 (Aug. 22) Savannah Ga. to Rome, Italy via Charleston and Nassau, Aug. 22, 1862 origin date on cover to Mrs. John Lorenzo Locke in Rome, in care of Parkenham & Hooker Bankers, blue "Forwarded by Henry Adderley & Co., Nassau N.P. Bahamas " forwarder's oval handstamp, entered British Mails with red "Nassau, Paid, OC 22 62" cds and 3sh6p triple-rate paid in cash, red crayon "3/4" credit and blue crayon "2" 2d retained by Bahamas P.O., red London (12.16) and Calais (12.17) transit datestamps, red "PD" in oval, Rome (12.22) arrival backstamp, Dec. 22nd 1862 receipt docketing; edge faults, Fine.

    Estimate  ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  $1,500 - 2,000.


    Carried on blockade-runner Kate I that departed Charleston Sep. 1st 1862 to Nassau arriving Sep. 5th; delayed in Nassau, then carried on Cunard Line British Queen departing Nassau Nov. 24th to New York arriving Nov. 28th; then transatlantic by Cunard Line Persia departing New York Dec. 3rd to Queenstown arriving Dec. 15th. The Kate I was owned by Fraser & Co., active Jan. to Nov. 1862, successfully running 20 of 20 trips. She hit a snag in the Cape Fear River and sank on Nov. 18, 1862.

    Realized: $3000

  • Lot 1434

    1862 Incoming Blockade Cover via Wilmington N.C., cover with mostly clear "Wilmington N.C. '5 Paid' Apr 16" integral-rate cds (converted from pre-war 3¢ rate) and manuscript " 12 " ship rating for 10¢ inland plus 2¢ ship fee to Mrs. E.A. Gray, Richmond Va.; missing top flap and some light toning, small repaired tear at left, Very Fine, ex-Oswald (backstamp) ; with 1988 C.S.A. certificate.

    Estimate  ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  $1,000 - 1,500.

    Wilmington N.C. was the only city to use "Ship" markings, but did not always apply them.

    Realized: $800

  • Lot 1435

    1863 (May 24) Nassau to Hendersonville N.C. via Wilmington N.C., small cover endorsed " favored by Capt. Stiles " (Captain's name was Steele) and carried from Nassau on May 24th aboard the blockade runner Banshee (I) to Wilmington arriving May 28th, "Wilmington N.C. May 29" cds and matching "SHIP" straightline with " 12 " rate for 10¢ inland postage to Hendersonville plus 2¢ ship fee; expertly sealed backflap tears including one that extended to front at top, Very Fine appearance, ex-Walske .

    Estimate  ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  $1,500 - 2,000.

    The Banshee (I) , a 533-ton side-wheel steamship made seven round-trip voyages between the Bahamas or Bermuda and Wilmington before she was captured by the U.S.S. Grand Gulf on Nov. 21, 1863, after prize court adjudication she was re-commissioned the U.S.S. Banshee .
  • Lot 1436

    1864 (May 27) Liverpool, England - Nassau - Charleston S.C., folded Gray correspondence letter with 2 letters on one sheet - one datelined "London May 26th 1864" from John Lilliat to David Kennedy of Marietta Georgia and the other "Liverpool 27 May 1864" from Mr. Phillips also addressed to Mr Kennedy; carried by Blockade Runner " Druid " from Nassau to Charleston, entered mails with "Charleston S.C. Jun 29 '64" cds with matching " Steam-Ship " oval handstamp with manuscript " 12 " rating for 10¢ inland postage to Richmond Va. plus 2¢ ship fee, letters with interesting content " …news of dreadful carnage and destruction in Virginia the Armies of Virginia are ever in the ascedent and after 3 years of of dreadful and devastating War…England especially nearly and deeply interested in the results of the struggle must more than any other be affected by the events disasterous to a country with which she has been so long associated with…you well know that our entire sympathies go with the success of your government in this, their life and death struggle… ", Very Fine and choice blockade cover, Walske census BI-Ch-55 ; with 1979 C.S.A. certificate.

    Estimate  ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  $1,500 - 2,000.


    Realized: $1400

  • Lot 1437

    (Blockade Run) 1864 (Aug. 23) Fort Pemberton, S.C. to Liverpool via Wilmington and Nassau, outbound blockade-run cover with original "Fort Pemberton, August 23, 1864" enclosed addressed to Mrs. C. L. Burckmyer, in care of Fraser Trenholm & Co. in Liverpool, England, entered British Mails with unpaid with 2sh due, comprising 1sh packet postage to England and 1sh penalty fee, blue crayon " 1/5 + 7 = 2/ " accounting (1p plus half of penalty retained by Bahamas P.O.), Liverpool (10.15) receiving datestamp and manuscript " 2/ " 2s due rating, some interesting content " I am called off suddenly to Richmond on business and as I will not be back in time to write you for the next mail from Nassau…Our war news of late is very meager…The affair at Mobile stirred us up for a while…What do you think of the Tallahassee? Isn't she doing a great work? She was a blockade running and was filled out at Wilmington and has already done mischief enough to make the Yankees how extensively… "; cover mounted on black backing, Very Fine, Walske census BO-Nas-88 .

    Estimate  ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  $1,000 - 1,500.

    Realized: $950

  • Lot 1438

    1864 (Sep. 11) Outgoing Blockade-Run Cover from Charleston via Nassau to England, blockade cover sent from Captain C. L. Burckmyer with pencil "Sept. 11th '64" date notation addressed to Mrs. C.L. Burckmyer, Care Messers Fraser Trenholm & Co., Liverpool, England, delivered directly to Blockade Runner Druid leaving Charleston September 20, 1864 to Nassau, red "Nassau Paid OC 31 '64" transit cds, blue crayon " 2 " due rating for blockade runner fee, red crayon " 1/10 " for 1s10d British postage due, then by Cunard Line Scotia that departed New York Nov. 2nd to Queenstown arriving Nov. 11th, Liverpool (12.11) arrival backstamp; minor mended edge flaws, light stain, Very Fine; with 1991 B.P.A. certificate.

    Estimate  ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  $1,000 - 1,500.


    Realized: $1200

  • Lot 1439

    1864 (Oct. 9) Tours, France to Charleston S.C. via Nassau, incoming blockade-run cover to Cornelius L. Burckmyer at Charleston, bold " 6 " rating handstamp for ship letter to port of entry, contains three letters (numbers 52, 54 and 55) datelined at Tours between Sep. 5 and Oct. 9, 1864, lengthy content from Mrs. Burckmyer written in diminutive script but not cross-written like others from this correspondence, missing most of backflap, minor edgewear, Very Fine and fascinating incoming blockade-run cover with extensive content, ex-Kilbourne .

    Estimate  ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  $1,000 - 1,500.

    This cover is unlisted in the Walske Special Routes census, but would be the next to last recorded Burckmyer cover into Charleston. The Charleston large "6" rating handstamp was a pre-war marking retained and used by the Confederate post office for the ship letter rate to port of entry (which includes the 2¢ ship captain fee).

    Realized: $800